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Culturally, milk is respectfully accepted as a necessary food group but enjoyed as a beverage clear around the globe. Historically, milk has been an embracing drink for as long as the humans who tell of its powerful benefits. Once human beings mastered the task of domesticating the animal that produced milk, enjoying the fruits of the labor was in itself reward.

Milk is a very adaptable and pliable food that is wildly popular and wholly nutritious as a drink; however, it is notably just as enticing when presented in other forms. To its added list of edible delights, milk has become one of the most versatile foods going. Few, if any, people turn their backs on milk. In its chameleon ability to entice, it arouses the human senses in such remarkable disguises as ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, cheese, pudding, custard, and many more irresistible edibles.

Coffee in the morning is enhanced by the added douse of cream or milk. Yogurt is one wholesome snack that is favored by young and old alike. Who doesn’t like cheese? Cheese fits the bill in nearly every scenario imaginable from pizza at home to panache parties on the Riviera. A universal chant for butter on bread is a powerful mantra that travels energetically through the psyche of civilization. Kefir, a creamy beverage prepared from fermented cow’s milk, also counts corn bread and Irish Soda bread as beneficiaries of its appeal. Chocolate is made purely to allure the taste buds to experience one of the least fought addictions this planet has to offer. All of these delicious fares include milk as the bulk ingredient.

Cakes, breads, muffins, pudding, ice cream, soups, sauces, and the list goes on forever, all require the use of the wonderful provision of milk. Milk comes in a vast array of liquids and powders, dairy and non-dairy, to accommodate all recipes.

If you want recipes using milk, you’ve just landed in the land of milk and honey, two of the sole foods by the way, that enjoy stardom on their own honor. Milkdelight.com not only offers Milk Recipes for you to enjoy, we want to entice you further, and spoil you further, so we’ve provided Milk Video Recipes for you to drool over. These Milk Video Recipes are meant to pleasure you, to be fun and tempting to watch, but they’re also guidelines for you to follow. The Milk Recipes provided and the Milk Video Recipes are there for your learning as well as indulging.

Milkdelight.com has made available recipes using every kind of milk you can imagine from soymilk to condensed milk, heavy cream to non-fat milk, coconut milk to kefir milk. We want to make sure you’re so at home preparing these recipes, it’s as if you created them yourself. Pamper yourself. Take in the aromas, the textures, the ingredients, the sounds, and the colors. Then, splurge into the creativity of preparing these glorious recipes and serving them to your family, friends, and acquaintances. Oh, and don’t forget the most important thing of all: Have fun!

All About Milk

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    Milk is one of the most popular foods on earth and has an interesting and diverse historical record. Historically, dates vary as to when milk [...]

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    Milk animals

    The cow is not the only animal that produces milk for humans. Goats, sheep, donkeys, llamas, yaks, camels, horses, and pigs also produce milk [...]

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    Nutrition and Health

    What exactly is milk and is it good for the body? First and foremost, milk is vital food secreted by female mammals with which to feed their [...]

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Milk Recipes